Planning Your Site

Web Site Design

Your web site needs to be uniquely yours.  

That's why the planning and preparation that you do with Images Plus! is so important.  The way your customer sees your web site will determine how they perceive and interpret your business.  You only get one chance to make a first impression.  Even on the internet.

Images Plus! will guide you through the process of knowing how your web site should look for the greatest appeal.  We know what should make up an attractive site.  We can help you determine how much information to give and what should be included within a web page. 

Web Hosting

Need a web host?  Images Plus! can provide you with a price competitive place to park your internet image in cyberspace.  In addition, we will help you register a domain name unique to your business.

Domain Name Registration

One of the most important tools for developing internet presence is having your own domain name,  

Having your own domain name can:

Images Plus! can taking care of the registration of your domain name through our registration authority.  The cost for domain registration is only $14.95 a year if you host your site with us, so be sure to inquire.  We will gladly take care of the registration for you with no additional setup fees.

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